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  • What is the difference between an Apartment & Room?
    An Apartment compromises of an eu-suite room, living space which is equipped with a TV and dining area, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, while a room, is simply just that. An en-suite facility fully dressed ready for you to check-in. Our room prices are very competitive in comparison to the likes of other International hotels nearby. Would definately encourage you to come down for a viewing...
  • Help, I think I left an item in the hotel, what do I do?"
    We are sorry that you have come across the Please reach out to the Hotel, please have to hand your reservation details which should include room number, check out date and a contact number. Where a member of our staff will investigate further and reach out back to you.
  • What is the difference between an Apartment & Room?
  • What Is Your Policy on Securing My Data?
    We take data security seriously. We do not sell our customers data to 3rd party. We use customer data to send tailored marketing information.
  • Why do you ask for ID?
    We ask for Identification 1. It is in compliance with the Hotel Act Legistation 2. Is it for the safety of our guests and staff, and in rare cases of Emergency the information provided will help render support where required 3. To act as a prevtative for Fraudulent activity
  • Do you have Yoga or Spa facilities?
    We are pleased to offer gym facilities from the hours of 6am to 10pm,

Thank you for considering to partner with us as a Supplier at Apartment Royale.

We are keen to work with individuals and organisations who share the same ethos as us. Partners who share integrity and honesty in the way in which they conduct business. 


Please view the list below of suppliers we are currently and actively keen to hear from. The list is constantly growing and so we would encourage you to keep an eye on this page as this is the first place we will be illustrating our search. 

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