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Airport Pick Up

Airport Pick Up


Do you require a Airport Pick Up from the Airport? Need an escort from the airport to Apartment Royale. Why not book an Airport Pick up?


Our chargable service is available for guests who wish to have the convienence of being picked up from the Airport escorted by a member of our team, straight from the departure Lounge to your Check-in room. 


At this stage no payment is required of you.

Simply complete the request form below and our Reservation Team will get back to with a confirmation. 

  • Payment Information

    By selecting this service you agree that this is a request and so this is still subject to availablity. 

    Following a successful request we will contact you via the details submitted at Checkout. Should your request be successful, Reservation Team will proceed to raise an invoice. Please be sure to include all the relevant information in the details so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

    Once payment has been receieved we will send a final confirmation. No payment is required of you at this stage. 


  • Cancellation Policy

    In the event you wish to cancel your confirmed confirmation, we kindly ask for you to notify us 48 hours before the reservation is due to commence. That way we can free up the resources for other guests. 

    Should you wish to cancel in less than 48 hours before the reservation is due to commence, a charge may be applied. 

  • Further Information

    Please include the following at checkout:

    • For identification purposes, we ask you to provide us with a unique name or phrase to help identify you and your guests
    • Ensure your contact details are up to date and accurate - As we will use this to keep in contact with you
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