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We Are OPEN for Business!

Like the rest of the World Covid-19 has taken its toll on the Hotel & Tourism industry and here in Nigeria also.

That said business continues, due to the very nature of us as Humans to continue to strive ahead.

Here at Apartment Royale we are tackling Covid-19 head on.

To protect our staff and customers, we have contactless payment at our Front Desk along with hand-sanitiser, which is refilled at regular intervals.

We ask all our guests to sanitise their hands before they enter into the building and request everyone to wear a mask to and from their rooms to avoid the spread.

In addition to the above WHO, World Health Organisation, encourages everyone to adhere to Social Distancing, by avoiding unnecessary close contact to individuals outside of your regular bubble this can act as an additional level of protection against catching the virus.

How Are We Protecting Guests

We are committed to ensuring Covid-19 does not spread into our communities.

We have doubled down on our cleaning standards, by cleaning public touch points more regularly such as hand rails and door handles. Fogging the room with anti-bacterial agents after each guest has checked-out and using high temperatures to clean and steam the bed linen.

Our only ask to guests, is to ensure guests test NEGATIVE for Covid-19 before check-in.

Should guests feel unexplained symptoms that reflect that of Covid-19 after check-in, guests should inform our Front Desk staff by calling 100 from the intercom in their room.

That way we can take the highest standard protocols in ensuring you are self-isolating correctly, keeping both our staff and other guests safe.

We are also asking our Guests to use contactless payments as a preferred payment option, where possible, such as Point of Service (POS) machine or Bank Transfer.

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